Robotics for Juniors

We have entered an era when parents no longer buy robot toys to teach their children. Instead they want to teach them how to make robots or the functionality of robots. Robotics For Juniors has been brought to the Creative Juniors platform with this demand in mind. But one may think robotics courses are only for middle and high schoolers, but research has shown that when robotics is introduced in pre-K to second grade, children are also able to master basic robotics and programming skills.

Course Objectives:

  • Basic Electronics
  • Breadboard and Multimeter
  • Build Your First Circuit
  • Fun with LED
  • LDR & Its Working Principle
  • Arduino Introduction with Basic Program
  • Serial Monitor and Digital Input

Course Overview

Total Classes16 Classes
Classes Per
Week:2 days
Class Hours2 Hours
Total Hours32 Hours

Lesson Plans

The courses on the Creative Juniors platform are designed so that the subjects will not only be considered as a basic life skill for the juniors but will also prepare them for the new IT-centric or international careers that will emerge in the future world. The courses are