Python Programming for Juniors

Learning programming from an early age is a must in the age of technology. Juniors can  learn many difficult topics in it, which will transform them into skilled one in a modern technology dependent society. Which will accelerate their mental development as well as help them keep pace with the new era. Several recent studies have found a positive correlation between Learning programming  and cognitive skills.

Course Objectives:

  • Android IDE
  • Pycharm
  • Basic I/O Program
  • Python Comments
  • Pacman Games
  • Python Operations
  • Coding Method
  • Python Statements

Course Overview

Total Classes30 Classes
Classes Per
Week:2-3 days
Class Hours2 Hours
Total Hours45 Hours

Lesson Plans

The courses on the Creative Juniors platform are designed so that the subjects will not only be considered as a basic life skill for the juniors but will also prepare them for the new IT-centric or international careers that will emerge in the future world. The courses are